About Me


Marty is also known in many creative circles as a muse since she helps clients to execute their work in order for them to achieve their final result.  She has helped musicians complete scores, costume designers finish a dress, architects draw their plans, choreographers complete their routines and authors finalize their books through her inspiration. Marty has given advice and guidance to professionals in all fields.    

Marty also helps families find estranged loved ones whose whereabouts have been unknown, often for decades.  She has successfully aided adult children of adoption in reconnecting with their birth parents.  Marty is very medically intuitive, like her “nonna” who passed down to her the gift of mediumship.  Thus, clients receive the benefit of a diagnosis, often prior to their own doctor’s findings.  She also is able to detect if someone is struggling with a weight disorder, such as anorexia, without meeting or seeing the person.  


Marty was born and raised in Staten Island, New York.  She was the youngest of three children.  It was just a week after her 14 year old brother’s death that  4 year old Marty’s mediumship first manifested through dreams.  While she is a New Yorker at heart, Marty has fond memories of spending summers “down the shore” at her family home in Toms River, NJ.  She is a licensed psychiatric social worker with a master’s degree from Adelphi University in Long Island. She also holds Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology.  She worked in NYC Family Court, Camelot Drug Program, SI Aid Workshop for Dual Diagnosed Develepomentally Challenged Adults, NYC Department of Probation and the NYC Board of Education, on the Committee on Special Education.  While working full-time, she maintained a private practice as a therapist for more than 20 years.


When not writing or conducting readings, Marty enjoys spending time with her husband of 34 years, Joseph Piscitelli, as well as the rest of her family, which includes her two sons and daughters-in-laws and three grandchildren.  A music lover, Marty enjoys going to concerts, seeing Broadway shows, and visiting art galleries.  Her and her husband travel extensively and collect antiques, which adorn their Victorian home in Staten Island.

Marty has completed a book consisting of client stories depicting their readings or experiences with her.  She says, “I’m not a writer, I’m a medium – or so I thought. — I’ve since realized, I want to write my own memoirs and insights in a follow-up book.”